Petroleum Technology Luncheon - May 10th

Petroleum Technology Virtual "Luncheon" will be an MS Teams meeting May 10 at 11:30AM

MS Teams Meeting Online
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Presentation: 11:30AM - 12:30PM

Online Desanding of Atmospheric Tanks and Low Pressure Separators

Mark Wolf,
President, Wolf Process Co.
SPE 209278

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The Elk Hills and Buena Vista Fields, located in the southwest San Joaquin Valley, have over 3000 active wells producing from various reservoirs. Produced solids and scales accumulate in the surface facility equipment, limiting capacity of vessels, impacting water quality, and causing significant maintenance costs for pumps and related equipment. The operator chose to implement an online sand removal system based on vortex fluidizer technology to address the issues and minimize the HSE risks associated with manual cleanouts.

This webinar will discuss implementation of the project and will review major considerations and important decisions made during project design and implementation. It will highlight case studies from the literature supporting the use of HDPE in lieu of steel for slurry lines. Special considerations for design of slurry piping and pumping systems will be addressed.


Mark Wolf has a BSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech University. He started his career at Mobil Oil in Texas gaining experience in thermal EOR projects, well maintenance, process facilities, and water treatment. Mark relocated to California to focus on oil & gas water treatment facilities and was involved in the design and construction of several water handling facilities in the SJV during the 80s-90s. Mark returned to Texas in 2002 to introduce advanced solids handling systems to North America as President of Merpro Americas, Inc. He started Wolf Process Consultants in 2020 and moved back to Bakersfield in 2021. Mark is active in the Society of Petroleum Engineers, serving on the Production and Facilities Technical Advisory Committee, the Distinguished Lecturer Committee, the San Joaquin Valley Section Board, and the organizing committee for the 2022 Western Regional Meeting.