Petroleum Technology Luncheon - June 9th

The next Petroleum Technology Luncheon is on Tuesday June 9th.

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Presentation: 12:00-1:00 PM

Driving Conformance Success Through Better Problem Understanding and a Process Approach

David D. Smith
ConocoPhillips Inc.


In order to improve your success in applying conformance solutions, focus your efforts and attention on understanding the full nature of the problem instead of focusing on solution products. This is best achieved through an aggressive and regimented process approach. This presentation will justify, outline and examine what this takes and will show three field case histories, on how this has been applied. Also included is a review on the Conformance Solution Continuum and Conformance Problem Matrix with a solution overlay.


David has been an active member of the petroleum industry for more than 38 years. His SPE activity has focused on IOR and he has been a member of the technical program committee since 2002. David was the Technical Program Chairman for the 2014 SPE-IOR meeting.

David's has spent a majority of his career focused on improving flood management and reservoir sweep. Most of this has been through designing, executing and evaluating water and gas shut-off solutions. The last 16 years of his career have been as a global "Conformance Engineering Advisor" for either Occidental Petroleum or ConocoPhillips.

During these years David has developed some key insights to solving conformance problems in a multitude of flooding or strong aquifer drive fields. He has taken these insights and developed some very basic, but insightful, guidelines on how to address and solve conformance problems. In this presentation David shares those key elements and thoughts to help you manage your fields conformance issues.

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