Petroleum Technology Luncheon - June 14th

Petroleum Technology Virtual "Luncheon" will be an MS Teams meeting June 14 at 11:30AM

MS Teams Meeting Online
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Presentation: 11:30AM - 12:30PM

EOR and CCS Tracer Applications: Measuring the present to prepare for the future

Patrick Hayes

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The presentation will review new technologies developed over the past 15 years that have changed our industry’s approach to drilling and completions as innovations in liquid chemical tracers continue to deliver improved efficiency and lower production costs. Many of improvements have been made through a measured and detailed understanding of the resource being exploited, the chemistry and geology involved to adapt and adjust to enhance reservoir performance as changes occur over the life of the asset. The same technology can be used in CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) applications as well.

The use of enhanced oil recovery in existing fields has proven to be an essential tool for extending the life and improve the economics of known reserves. From the initial concept, pilot study, utilization of chemistry in mature assets, EOR efficiency questions need to be answered and the flow paths understood. Using case studies, Patrick Hayes, General Manager at Tracerco, will provide examples on how chemical tracers can be utilized to quickly help answer the questions for remaining oil, CO2 injection studies, polymers applications and water floods projects. All topics have enabled operations teams to adjust and increase production for a quick ROI and greater EUR.

Through these case studies the presenter will explore multiple tracer options used to understand and then improve hydrocarbon recovery. These case studies will show how tracers can be used for quantifying the distribution and flow paths of the EOR injection of water and gas assisting reservoir model refinements and guiding operational changes to provide immediate, very tangible return on water flood investments. A case study providing pilot ASP flood effectiveness and residual oil measurements will be included.

The presentation will finish up with discussions for the application of chemical tracers in CO2 injection projects for CCS and other gas sequestration applications in old fields and other suitable reservoirs.


Patrick has more than 17 years with Tracerco performing various operational and managerial roles in the upstream and downstream services areas. Patrick has worked in the upstream, midstream and downstream business units to enhance clients production and help with gaining efficiencies. While working for Tracerco overseas Patrick was responsible for the operations and management of the projects performed in the North Sea, Europe, Middle East, and parts of North and West Africa.

In the US, Patrick has managed the Subsea and Reservoir business teams and is now focused on the reservoir business development to work with operators to gain operating efficiency and better exploit reservoirs. He currently lives in Southern Texas along the Gulf Coast.