Petroleum Technology Luncheon - January 12th

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An Overview of Produced Water Desalination for beneficial reuse in California

Dr. Arian Edalat
Pacifica Water Solutions


There is approximately 3.2 million barrels of oilfield produced water generated per year across oil fields of California. While only 8% of this produced water receives advanced treatment for beneficial reuse, changing regulations and increasing scarcity of freshwater resources is expected to increase the demand for beneficial reuse. This paper reviews onshore produced water quality across California, relevant regulatory standards and treatment objectives for beneficial reuse, identifies contaminants of concern, and treatment process design considerations. Lastly, we evaluate the capital and operating costs of an integrated membrane system for treating produced water based on data from a field pilot conducted in the coastal region of California.


Arian Edalat has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Bradford, Bradford, U.K. and is an expert in oil-water separation and desalination processes; his dissertation research focused on mechanisms of oil/water separation using flotation and electrostatic coalescence. Subsequently, Dr. Edalat took his Chemical Engineering background and worked on a range of industrial and municipal separation problems and technologies. From 2003 through 2010, Dr. Edalat served in managerial positions, supervising the installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of several large-scale RO desalination plants in the Middle East. In that capacity, he has also conducted process design, financial analysis, and troubleshooting of several RO processes and projects.

In 2011 he joined Water Planet Inc., a Los Angeles based water treatment startup developing and managing a number of engineering projects and products related to membrane-based separation. In this capacity, Dr. Edalat has undertook design, engineering, troubleshooting, optimization, product development, and in-house and field pilot testing, and commercial water treatment plant installation and operations and maintenance for major domestic and international oil companies, industrial groups, and public utilities.

In June 2019, he founded California based Pacifica Water Solutions with a mission to apply his diversified experience and background to develop innovative technologies to help advance the frontiers of sustainable water treatment.

Aside from water treatment, his interests include hiking, landscape photography, and reading cross-cultural literary work.

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