Petroleum Technology Luncheon - January 11th

The next Petroleum Technology Luncheon is on Tuesday, January 11th.

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Presentation: 11:30AM - 12:30PM

Using Solar Thermal for Low-Risk, Low-Cost Decarbonization of California's Thermal EOR

Steven Geiger,
Innova Partners

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California's thermal EOR operators are under considerable pressure to lower their CO2 emissions to maintain social license. Additionally, California's rising price on carbon represents a growing threat to profitability for unabated EOR. Modern solar thermal enjoys over a century of commercial operation and offers a lower-risk, lower-cost decarbonization pathway than other options, such as CCS. In addition to reducing emissions and regulatory risk, solar thermal is fast-deploying and can enhance profitability by up to $30/bbl and boost PV10 values significantly..


Steven Geiger is Co-Founder and President of Innova Partners, a energy transition advisory and investment firm. He is an authority on transforming oil-dependent countries and large energy groups through technology. Earlier in his career, he was co-founder and Director of MASDAR, a $15 billion renewable energy company owned by Abu Dhabi government. Additionally he served as Chief Operating Officer of Skolkovo, the $5 billion national agency for technology innovation of the Russian government.

He was educated at MIT, Harvard and Wharton Business School.