Petroleum Technology Luncheon - February 14th

Petroleum Technology VIRTUAL meeting February 14 at 11:30AM

Presentation: 11:30AM - 01:00PM

Sustainability in Oilfield Electrification: Applying the Envision® Framework

James Yung
Burns & McDonnell
Project Manager

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Companies face increasing expectations from stakeholders - investors, consumers, and employees - not only to “do no harm” through their investments, but to demonstrate positive contributions towards a sustainable future. The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s Envision® framework supports better project planning, design, and delivery by incorporating sustainability principles such as resiliency, waste reduction, and stakeholder engagement. The Envision® framework can be applied to oilfield electrification projects as a tool for integrating sustainability indicators into decision-making.


James Yung is a project manager for Burns & McDonnell who provides planning, permitting, and risk assessment for natural and cultural resources. James brings 22 years of experience supporting both operations and capital projects for many major oil, gas, and petrochemical clients throughout North America. James holds technical expertise in assessment of potential impacts to coastal and inland waters & wetlands, due diligence audits & investigations, and site reclamation. He has held key roles in numerous emergency response events, containment of releases, and long-term remediation at sites impacted with hydrocarbons, brine, caustic alkalis, and other contaminants of concern. James provides a critical eye for clients’ sustainability planning commitments and risk-based mitigation strategies, and plays a lead role on a team delivering Envision verification submissions to the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure for nine utility-scale solar energy projects.

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