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“National Capabilities are Invention and Renovation” SPE Kirkuk Section cooperative with Drilling department and sponsored by North Oil Company hold a scientific seminar “National Capabilities are Invention and Renovation” in Kirkuk Oil Training Institute (KOTI) on Sunday 11/2/2018. The seminar highlighted on the national capabilities and efforts which have been exerted by the North Oil Company in general and Drilling Department in particular in the oil wells controlling and fires extinguishing that result from the sabotage activities which witnessed in country in the last period. Several presentations presented by the advanced staff and specialists ...
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Within Kirkuk section activities today y Kirkuk Section officers has been meeting with the new director-general of the North Oil Company ... Mr. Fareed Jadir Sadeq AL-Jadir,senior chief engineer and was head of drilling Department at North Oil Company, NOC the most important national oil company operating in the northern city of Kirkuk , Iraq We explained about the Distinguished Lecturer program and the next lecture to be provided by Ms. Jennifer Market on next November . The Director General praised of Kirkuk section and instructed to remove and overcome all the difficulties faced by the management Kirkuk section . During the ...