The City

The City

Kakinada is the headquarters of East Godavari district in the state of Andhra Prsdesh, India. The first settlers in this port town were the Dutch, followed by the British and then the missionaries of the Canadian Baptist Mission and the name was anglicised to Cocanada. After independence, it was reverted to Kakinada. Today, Kakinada is witnessing rapid growth with the new  Special Economic Zone status accorded to it.

Ecolological Significance

Coringa mangrove forests in the Godavari delta are among the largest mangrove formations in the country. The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary renowned for its reptiles is a part of this delta. The mangroves provide habitat to a wide variety of fish and also act as protective barriers for the local villages against cyclones, tropical storms and tidal waves.


The summer (April to June) temperatures rise up to a maximum of 47oC while the winter (November to January) temperatures vary betweem 34 to 18oC with humidity of over 70% after sunrise. The monsoon begins in June and continues till September. Storms and depressions which form in the Bay of Bengal in the pre-monsoon month of May and during September to November cross the East Coast causing thunderstorms, heavy rains, tidal waves and strong winds. Occasional thunderstorms associated with the onset of south west monsoon occur between April and June.

Culture & Communication

The local language is Telugu but the people form Kakinada can easily be identified by their characteristic East Godavari accent. The people are hospitable, polite and cultured. East Godavari is famous for traditional Andhra cuisine and Kakinada is no different from mouth-watering pickles made from raw mango being its speciality.  Kakinada is famous for its unique sweet, Khaja. It is also one of the few regions in entire Andhra Pradesh where Chekkarakeli aratipandu (a type of banana) and Kothapalli kobbari maamidipandu (a type of mango) are available.
  • The Sri Satyanarayana Swami temple at Annawaram is famous in this area which is located about 50 km from Kakinada on the way to Visakhapatnam on National Highway 5.
  • The Bhavanarayanaswami Temple in Sarpavaram village 5 km from Kakinada and is dedicated Lord Vishnu. The architecture of this temple is a blend of the Chalukyan, Dravidian and Chola styles of architecture.

Top Hotels in Kakinada

  • Hotel Royal Park, D. No. 19-1-107 Kosurivari Street, Kakinada-533001.

        Tel: +91-884-2300000-04 | Fax: +91-884-2300005

  • Hotel Paradigm Sarovar Portico, Subhash Road, Kakinada-533003.

        Tel: +91-884-2302333-51 | Fax: +91-884-2302352

  • Hotel Ishwarya Grand, D. No. 2-1-49, Srinagar Bhanugudi Jn., Kakainda-533003.

        Tel: +91-884-2375922 | Fax: +91-884-2362522

Leading Hospitals In Kakinada

  • Appolo Hospital, Main Road, Kakinada-533001

        Tel: +91-884-2345700/800, 2346100 | Fax: +91-884-2379141, 2346100

  • Safe Emergency Hospital, 20-2-7, Bhanugudi, Kakinada-533003.

        Tel: +91-884-65633444, 2383366 | Fax: +91-884-2381111