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Technical Discussion Group - Industry 4.0 in Oil and Gas Applications: iPMOS

On March 20, 2019, SPE Java held a Technical Discussion Group (TDG) with Salis S. Aprilian, PhD. as the speaker with theme: “Industry 4.0 in Oil and Gas Applications: Intelligent Production Monitoring and Optimization System”.
Salis is a Founder and CEO of Digital Energy Asia (, a start-up digital company that focuses on integrating digital technologies in the energy sector.
Salis presented Industry 4.0 in Oil and Gas Industry applications, and discussed the field case of the Intelligent Production Monitoring and Optimization System (iPMOS). He explained the history of Industry Revolutions, and showed that Industry Revolution 4.0 was an era where most industries used the internet-based technology for their production and operations. As many other industries did, the oil and gas industry has also developed a new technology based on Industry 4.0. Some multinational companies, such as Shell, ExxonMobil, Total, BP, Aramco have included digital technology in their company's vision and mission.
Industry 4.0 needs a shifting paradigm that has new opportunities and challenges. Since the Oil & Gas Industries mainly deal with surface and subsurface technologies, we must consider many uncertainties that will be transformed to digital data. The digital transformation is not only talking about new technologies, but also about developing new processes, new organizations, or building new ecosystem interaction.
In his presentation, Salis introduced Digital Energy Asia (DEA) that focused on implementing  the digital transformation in an Indonesian oil and gas field. The approach is called iPMOS (Intelligent Production Monitoring and Optimization System) that make the production and operation process more efficient, accurate, and easier to be controlled.
The discussion was so fruitful. After presentation, in Q&A session, there were many participants asked questions and shared their experience on the industry condition now.
Here is a snapshot of the excitement of our SPE Java TDG!

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