Technical Poster Session

Listed below are the authors and titles of the Technical Poster Session at the STC 2017.
Main Author Title
Drilling Kruszewski, Michal Casing Design for Deep High-Temperature Geothermal Wells in New Areas
Seyidov, Rahim Liner Drilling
Geosciences Cristea, Dragos An Analysis Study of the Facieses from Well Log Data (Electrofacieses) of a Petroleum Reservoir using a Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm
Goldberg, Valentin Ductile and brittle deformation in Zechstein anhydrite (A1) seals
Krasnonosov, Kristina New approach to link depletion and induced seismicity in Lower Saxony gas fields
Also presented as a lecture on Friday, 13:30
Roeth, Joschka Crustal Evolution and Heat Flow History of the Gippsland Basin (Australia)
Thissen, Kai A new software tool for 6-arm caliper data
Production Kutia, Mykhailo Use of dielectric spectroscopy to determine the concentration of sulfur-containing components in different fractions of petroleum
Busch, Tobias The role of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in gas supply in Europe
Reservoir Foroutan, Rasoul Numerical Analogy of MEOR Wettability Alteration Calibrated with SI Experiments
Fyk, Illia Increase of reservoir pressure in gas condensate fields as a method of increasing the efficiency of their development
Also presented as a lecture on Thursday, 16:00
Pitui, Samuel-Antonio The Burning Ice - Natural Gas Hydrates
Romanova, Maria Enhanced oil recovery of reservoirs in the later stages of development with the carbon dioxide injection
Samuel, Joshua Peter Improving History Matching Techniques Applied on Field J in Indonesia
van Veen, Marco CCS in the High North