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In 2013 the „Region Süd“ of the GSSPE was founded in Munich. The aim of this new group is to spread the knowledge over the oil and gas industry, together with other parts belonging to energy generation. Thereby a special focus is the geothermal energy production, whereat Upper Bavaria has, due to favorable geological conditions, a strong impact.  

Prof. Dr. J. Plank, Leiter der Sektion Süd


Prof. Dr. J. Plank, Leiter der Sektion Süd

REM-Aufnahme von Zementhydratphasen

REM-Aufnahme von Zementhydratphasen

Labor für Tiefbohrzementierung

Labor für Tiefbohrzementierung der TU München


Head of the “Region Süd” is Prof. Dr. Johann Plank, since 2001 owner of the chair in construction chemistry at the TU Munich, which commands over the only lab for university purpose of deep borehole cementation in Western Europe. Main research objects of the group are the synthesis and characterization of high temperature cements and additives, investigations about CO2 stability of deep borehole cements, effectiveness of spacers and ecologically sensitive fluids and proppants for fracking.    

The opening session of the region was conducted at the 30. October 2015, focused on geothermal energy generation. The main presentation, held by Dr. Jörg Baumgärtner of the BESTEC GmbH, addressed the experiences achieved by the production of the geothermal energy in Germany and painted a picture of the actual stage of development.  

Dr. Larry Eoff (Halliburton, Houston) at his presentation in Munich


The main goal of the “Region Süd” is to enhance the knowledge transfer between fundamental research and the industry. Students, university teachers and engineers from the oil and gas industry should share their experiences and benefit from each other. Therefore multiple times on a yearly base events will be scheduled about actual topics in form of presentations.   

The second presenter was Dr. Larry Eoff from Halliburton, a SPE Distinguished Lecturer 2013/2014, who shared his knowledge and experiences about the topic Water-Control-Systems. Moreover Dr. Nils Recalde Lummer from Fangmann Energy Services held a presentation in June over biodegradable stimulation fluids used for geothermal energy production.

Everybody who is interested to participate in the activities and presentation session and also in the development of the “Region Süd” is warmly welcome.


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