Past Events

SPE/AIChE Workshop: Spend Less and Produce More - Offshore and Shale Flow Assurance Lessons
02-05-2019 07:00 AM - 02-06-2019 06:00 PM CT
AT&T Hotel and Conference Center, 1900 University Ave, Austin, Texas, USA, Austin, TX 78705

Erosion Management in Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Recorded on: 11/29/2018 at 1:00 PM (EST)  

Dr. Ardjan Kopliku (BP)

A Statistical Engine to Model Well Operations and Evaluate Asset Performance
Supriya Gupta - Data Scientist, Schlumberger

Machine Learning And Data Analytics In Flow Assurance

Recorded On: 08/30/2018

Dr. Prabu Parthasarathy

VP of Intelligent Operations, Wood

Visualization of Asphaltene Deposition and Removal Using Microfluidic

Recorded On: 06/28/2018

Dr. S. Lisa Biswal

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rice University

Flow Assurance 20/20

Recorded On: 05/31/2018

Siva Subramanian

Flow Assurance Engineer, Chevron

How Can We Thrive In Deepwater Gulf of Mexico With US Shale Threats?

 Recorded On: 04/26/2018

Nikhil Joshi

Asset Manager, Anadarko

Importance of Characterizing Uncertainties in Multiphase Flow Predictions

 Recorded On: 03/29/2018

Gene Kouba

Research Consultant (Ret.), Chevron

Vertical Multiphase Flow Modeling In Wells And Risers

 Recorded On: 02/22/2018

Dr. Neeraj Zambare

LedaFlow Product Director, Kongsberg Digital

Dr. Jorn Kjolaas

Senior Scientist, SINTEF Multiphase Flow Laboratory, Tiller

Corrosion Modeling Using Electrochemistry And Computational Fluid Dynamics

 Recorded On: 01/25/2018

Dr. Kuochen Tsai
Shell International E&P

Selected Highlights from the Ninth International Conference 2017 on Gas Hydrates Management in Flow Assurance
 Recorded On: 11/30/2017

Dr. Carolyn Koh

Director, Center for Hydrate Research, Colorado School of Mines

Reservoir Fluid Sampling for Flow Assurance Fluid Characterization

 Recorded On: 10/26/2017

Dr. John Nighswander

Reservoir Fluid Domain Head and Advisor, Schlumberger

Chronicles Of A Flow Assurance Engineer In Operations

 Recorded On: 09/13/2017

Dr. Oris Hernandez

Flow Assurance SPA, BP