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When:  May 28, 2020 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (SGT)
Where:   Mason's Hall, inside the Freemasons hall, 23A Coleman street, singapore, 179806, SG
Community:   Singapore Section


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When & Where

Mason's Hall
inside the Freemasons hall
singapore, 179806

May 28, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (SGT)


Abstract: Innovation in Oil & Gas Exploration and Exploitation across S E Asia has been driven by necessity as product prices fluctuated, and profit margins had to be maximized in order to survive and provide “share holder” returns. New technology, ideas, and processes had to be mastered then applied in order to stay viable. Data was and still is key - but how it is compiled, processed and interpreted keeps evolving, reducing time needed and levels of uncertainty to help deliver profits. This talk will demonstrate how much has changed for the better over the last 40 years and will hopefully continue to do so over the next!

Bio: Effectively retired Petroleum Geologist - Explorationist, New Ventures & Business Development specialist & advisor.  42 years of worldwide experience: including 19 years with US Independent UNOCAL; 3 years with Thailand State Oil Company PTTEP; 5 years with UK independent Serica Energy; 4 years with Malaysian conglomerate Genting Oil & Gas; and a year with Murphy Oil. Earlier years spent as Wellsite geologist, and final years with Polarcus trying to use MC3D to gain Equity. AAPG certified Petroleum Geologist, Fellow of the Geol Soc London; Active member of: AAPG, SPE, AIPN, PESGB, Geol Soc Malaysia and SEAPEX (past President twice)


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Paulina Svoboda