Distinguished Lecturer: Coiled Tubing Telemetry - State of the Technology

When:  Jun 4, 2019 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (MT)
Associated with  Calgary Section

Distinguished Lecturer Series:
Coiled Tubing Telemetry - State of the Technology

Date: Tuesday, 4th of June 2019
Speaker: Dr. Silviu Livescu, Chief Scientist @ Baker Hughes
Location: Calgary Petroleum Club
Time: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM 
Members: $45, Non-Members: $55, Student: $15


For more than 50 years, coiled tubing has been an intervention technology primarily used to maintain or increase production, fulfilling the vital requirements for intervening on live wells. However, the downhole parameters during a conventional coiled tubing operation are only inferred through surface-measured parameters, such as coiled tubing weight and length and pumping pressure, leading to uncertainties regarding the operation’s actual progress and outcome. In order to increase certainty in unknown downhole conditions, enhance safety and efficiency, and reduce the operational time and cost, coiled tubing telemetry technologies have been developed in the last 10 years and used for a wide range of coiled tubing applications. These systems, consisting of downhole tools with sensors and electronics, data transmission media through the coiled tubing such as optical fiber, wire, or both, and surface hardware and software, provide real-time monitoring of single-point data such as pressure, temperature, depth correlation, tool force and torque, inclination and acceleration, etc., and distributed temperature and acoustic data along the coiled tubing.

This lecture will provide a brief introduction of coiled tubing history and current status, before describing the coiled tubing telemetry technologies and their game-changing advantages comparing to conventional coiled tubing. Several case histories will exemplify how the real-time coiled tubing telemetry information improves well intervention operations by making decisions based on dynamic downhole events and eliminating missed or wasted runs. The lecture will conclude discussing how coiled tubing telemetry is transforming the coiled tubing operations and its growing significance within the current industry trends leading to a severe shortage of experienced coiled tubing personnel.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Silviu Livescu is the chief scientist in the global Coiled Tubing Research and Engineering center of Baker Hughes, a GE Company, in Calgary, Canada, with fundamental and applied research, industrial research and development, innovation, commercialization, and intellectual property experience mostly related to Production and Operations, and Completions. Silviu is an executive editor for the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering and an associate editor for the SPE Journal, and serves on the SPE Production and Facilities advisory committee, the SPE Management and Information advisory committee, and the SPE Journal of Petroleum Technology editorial committee. Silviu received the SPE Canada Region Production and Operations award in 2017 and 14 outstanding editor and reviewer awards.

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Calgary Petroleum Club
Devonian Room
Calgary, AB