Symposium: Engineers of the Future + Regional Student Paper Contest + Regional Petrobowl

Starts:  May 23, 2019 1:30 PM (BO)
Ends:  May 25, 2019 6:00 PM (BO)
Associated with  Bolivian Section

Thursday 23 May 2019 

The Engineer of the Future Symposium 

The Symposium will be held in the Taropé Room at the Hotel Camino Real

13:30       Registration & Validation 
14:00      Welcome and Inauguration

     "Standard and Disruptive Technologies, and how they apply to Oil and Gas Industry"

      Speaker: Limbert Montano Saavedra - AAPG


     "Digitilization in Drilling and Completion Projects"

     Speaker: Rafael Garate - RPSOL


     "Estrategia de Perforacion Boyuy-X2" 

     Speaker: Mario Bertarelli - REPSOL 

16:15      Break 

     "InnerVue Non Instructive Pipline and Wllbore Diagnostics"

     Speaker: Fernando Saucedo Rojas - Halliburton


     "Transformacion Digital en la Industria" 

     Speaker: Gaston Arrieta - INCA


     "Analsis Avanzado de Gases Aplicado en Pozos del Campo Boueron Norte"

     Speaker: Hugo Soliz - INTERGAS


     "Drilling Survey Management" 

     Speaker: Cesar Villegas - Schulumberger 

18:40      Conclusions
19:00      Closure
19:30      Board and Section Delegates Meeting

For more information about the Symposium and questions about attending please email:

Friday 24 May 2019

Student Paper Contest

The Society of Petroleum Engineers International Student Paper Contest will take place on Friday 24 May 2019. 

08:15 - 08:45      Registration, and Presentation Uploading 
08:45 - 09:00      Opening Announcements and Judges Introductions 
09:00 - 12:00      Contest - Part I 
12:00 - 13:00      Lunch 
13:00 - 15:00       Contest - Part II 
15:00 - 15:30       Break 
15:30      Announcement of Winners

During Check In contestants will select their presentation times based on a first come first served basis. 
The competition will take place in two rooms, one for Undergraduates and one for Masters and PhD contestants. 

Contest Program & Abstracts

Undergraduate (BSc)
Paper Title Contestant Student Chapter
Experimental and CFD Validation of the Characteristics of the Liquid-Gas Separation Process in GLCC from the Study of Dimensionless Numbers Andres Romero Silva Universidad De Los Andes Chapter
Determination of the effectiveness of the cement isolation plugs in open-hole completed wells Felitchia Fryde Anton de Kom University of Suriname Chapter
Estimation of Formation Damage by Mud Filtrate Invasion in A Shallow Devonian Gas Reservoir Using Civan-Engler’s Simplified Model José Julio Bellot Schulczewski Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz, Bolivia Chapter
Evaluation on the Effect of Mojability in the Application of a Combined Electric Field with a Low-Resistor Coolant to the Flor, on the Debilitation of Water Emulsions in Oil  Luis Cabral Universidad Central De Venezuela Chapter
Probabilistic Production Forecast for Future Thermal Wells Using Decline Curves Analysis in Huyaparí Field, Orinoco Oil Belt María Amorín Universidad de Oriente Núcleo Anzoátegui Chapter
Ce4+/Ce3+ Redox-couple Influence on the Adsorptive and Catalytic Performance of NiO-PdO/CeO2±𝛅 Nanoparticles for n-C7 Asphaltene Water Gasification Oscar Medina Universidad Nacional Colombia Unalmed Chapter
An Integrated Reservoir Characterization Study for a Reservoir Offshore the South East Coast of Trinidad Raihaan Ali The University Of West Indies Chapter
The Impact of Failures During the Gravel Packing Process on the Well Productivity  Reyna Frijde Anton de Kom University of Suriname Chapter
Waterflood Surveillance of a Mature Oil Field by Implementing a Streamline Simulator Roberto Saavedra Torrico Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz, Bolivia Chapter
Polymer Viscosity: Understanding of changes through time in the reservoir and a way to predict them. Roman Katz Marquez Instituto Tecnologico De Buenos Aires Chapter
Masters (MSc)
Application of 1D Wellbore Stability Modelling to Offset Wells in the Starfish, Dolphin and Dolphin Deep Fields, ECMA, Trinidad Adele Harrypersad The University of West Indies Chapter
Evaluation of the combined effect of use of cardanol and nonylphenol under nitration as asphaltenes precipitation inhibitor: a natural product that increases the petroleum production  Camilo Andrés Guerrero Martin  Universidade Federal Do Rio De Janeiro Chapter
Evaluation of heavy oil emulsions stability in the absence and presence of nanoparticles through TGA experiments Felipe Alvarez Martinez Universidad Nacional Colombia Unalmed Chapter
Multiphysics approach of dispersed foamer injection in highly heterogeneous reservoirs for Enhanced Oil Recovery applications Hillmert Solano Universidad Nacional Colombia Unalmed Chapter
Wettability and Flow Rate Effects on the Transfer Functions for Simulation of Fractured Reservoirs Sharon Rolon Universidade Estadual de Campinas Chapter
Postgraduate (PhD)
Reservoir Characterization Properties Determined by Nanoparticle Technology Elmus Jaikaran The University Of West Indies Chapter
Influence of Size and Surface Acidity of Silica Nanoparticles on Inhibition of the Formation Damage by Bentonite-Free Water-Based Drilling Fluids  Johanna Vargas Clavijo Universidad Nacional Colombia Unalmed Chapter
Experimental investigation of the oil displacement mechanisms in fractured carbonates Luis Pires Universidade Estadual de Campinas Chapter
Injection Scheme to Reduce Retention and Improve Economics of Polymer Enhanced Oil Recovery Vitor Hugo Ferreira Universidade Estadual de Campinas Chapter

Saturday 25 May 2019


For more information about the Regional Petrobowl Competition, and if you have any questions please email:

07.30 am: Registration
08.00 am: Welcome and draw for the group phase
08.20 am: Group A, Match 1
08.30 am: Group B, Match 1
08.40 am: Group C, Match 1
08.50 am: Group D, Match 1
09.00 am: Group E, Match 1
09.00 am: Group A, Match 2
09.10 am: Group B, Match 2
09.20 am: Group C, Match 2
09.30 am: Group D, Match 2
09.40 am: Group E, Match 2
09.50 am: Group A, Match 3
10.00 am: Group B, Match 3
10.10 am: Group C, Match 3
10.20 am: Group D, Match 3
10.30 am: Group E, Match 3
10.45 am: Break 
11.00 am: Group A, Match 4
11.10 am: Group B, Match 4
11.20 am: Group A, Match 5
11.30 am: Group B, Match 5
11.40 am: Group A, Match 6
11.50 am: Group B, Match 6
12.00: Lunch time sponsor by SPE Bolivian Section
13.30: Elimination Phase, quarter finals, Match 1
13.45: Elimination Phase, quarter finals, Match 2
14.00: Elimination Phase, quarter finals, Match 3
14.15: Elimination Phase, quarter finals, Match 4
14.30: Elimination Phase, 5th and 6 places, Match 5
14.45: Elimination Phase, semifinals, Match 6
15.15: Elimination Phase, semifinals, Match 7
15.20: Break 
15.30: Elimination Phase, 3 and 4 places, Match 8
16.15: Elimination Phase, Final, Match 9
17.00:  Award act
17.15: Conclusions
20.00: Cultural Night


Hotel Camino Real
Avenida San Martin & Calle k , Cuarto Anillo
Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia