Digital Twin for Drilling
Connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds

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at the 2019 SPE DSATS/IADC ART Symposium
Monday, 04 March 2019 | The Hague



DSATS (SPE’s Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section) and ART (IADC’s Advanced Rig Technology Committee) are holding a half-day symposium on the concept and applications of Digital Twins.
Four industry leading keynote speakers will update the drilling and well construction community on latest applications of this technology, raising the awareness for its potential in drilling automation

The meeting will be followed by a networking reception in which multiple companies will showcase and exhibit their latest work and solutions for Digital Twins.
If your company is working on Digital Twin and Digital avatar applications and solutions, this is a great opportunity to showcase and share your work and solutions within industry experts.

Three level of sponsorship are available based on the size of your company.
Platinum Gold Silver
USD 5,000 USD 2,500 USD 1,000
companies > 5,000 employees companies 250 << 5000 employees companies < 250 employees
  • Demo table
  • 5 complimentary passes to the DSATS event
  • Company name and logo, plus link to the company website listed on the DSATS website
  • Company logo featured on intro slide (in Large Font)
  • Demo table
  • 3 complimentary passes to the DSATS event
  • Company name and logo, plus link to the company website listed on the DSATS website
  • Company logo featured on intro slide
  • Demo table
  • 2 complimentary passes to the DSATS event
  • Company logo featured on intro slide

For further details and to request a Demo table, please contact:

Slim Hbaieb (                      John Clegg (
DSATS Program Chairman EUR                                 DSATS Program Chairman USA       

JPT Synopsis of the DSATS Symposium from 5 March 2018

The Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) has published a review of the recent DSATS symposium, held in conjunction with the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference in Forth Worth.  Please follow the link to view the article: Link to JPT DSATS Symposium article


Drilling Contractor Report from the IADC Drilling Systems Automation Workshop Now Available!

Drilling Contractor, the official magazine of the IADC, has published a video report covering the recently completed IADC Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap Workshop, held in Houston.

In this video from the workshop on 18 January, John de Wardt, the Program Manager for the DSA Roadmap and President of De Wardt and Co, explained the process that was used to create the roadmap, and how the advances in automation that have taken place since the work began on the roadmap have ultimately influenced the final product. Further, he discusses industry standards that would need to be developed to guide the development of automated drilling systems.

For more information, please follow this link ....


Drillbotics article from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's (NTNU)

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Clausthal University of Technology/Drillbotics Presentation from the 2017 SPE ATCE in San Antonio

This presentation describes a unique drilling technique used by the Clausthal University student team in the 2017 Drillbotics competition..
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JPT article on rig data aggregation and distribution

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With new rig software, automated drilling is easier to embrace

JPT article highlighting the benefits of National Oilwell Varcos' (NOV) new, closed-loop automated drilling system software

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Drilling struggles to enter the digital age

A brief article from the Economist on the future use of digital data in Hydrocarbon exploration.

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These are the forks in the road to Drilling Automation

A Journal of Petroleum Technology article outlining the current business environment and the future path for drilling automation.

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Operators Group for Data Quality working on common data specifications

Poor quality of real-time data at the rig site remains one of the drilling industry’s most critical challenges. It can, for example, impair the ability to measure, analyze and improve processes. The Operators Group for Data Quality has set out to improve the industry’s data quality by defining standards for the process capability requirements for equipment.

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