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SPE-11C Permeability Tensor

  • 1.  SPE-11C Permeability Tensor

    Posted 12-28-2023 03:36 AM

    Dear participants,

    I'd like to emphasize that the transformation (4.4) used to generate full permeability tensor for the three version is a transformation between two non-orthogonal configurations. Hence, it leads to a distortion in the eigen values in physical configuration compared to reference configuration. The transformation rotates the tensor to align the principal axes in the yz-plane to be parallel and transverse to layer while the x-direction is not changed. In addition, it slightly increases permeability parallel to layer and decreases the transverse component leading to k_ parallel/k_transverse > 10. The ratio increases close to front and back boundaries and gets back to 10 at the absolute maximum elevation of the ridge is at y = 2541 2/3.

    I hope this will help

    AbdAllah Youssef