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  • 1.  Input files for other simulators

    Posted 01-09-2024 12:50 PM


    as mentioned on page 4 of the Problem Description document, sample input files for common simulators are in development.

    could you please advise for which simulators and roughly when will the input files be available? is MRST one of them?



  • 2.  RE: Input files for other simulators

    Posted 01-14-2024 09:32 AM


    We have a few examples uploaded here that run in MRST:

    Note that these are primarily for testing purposes and have a number of effects disabled at the moment (thermal, diffusion and dispersion). You can also look at the PyOPMSPE11 package for generation of input files specific to the OPM Flow simulator:

    You can simulate then like so:
    fn = 'spe11-decks\csp11b\isothermal\130_62\CSP11B_DISGAS.DATA';
    problem = initEclipsePackedProblemAD(fn);
    problem.SimulatorSetup.NonLinearSolver.maxTimestepCuts = 100
    simulatePackedProblem(problem, 'restartStep', 1);

    [ws, states, reports] = getPackedSimulatorOutput(problem);
    plotToolbar(problem.SimulatorSetup.model.G, states);
    view(0, 0)

  • 3.  RE: Input files for other simulators

    Posted 03-20-2024 03:53 PM

    Hi, we are using MATLAB 2023b and MRST2023b. We have downloaded the spe11 decks from and placed the SPE CSP dataset in the MRST folder. we are encountering the following errors. 

    Could you please advise? 

    >> fn = 'spe11-decks\csp11b\isothermal\130_62\CSP11B_DISGAS.DATA';
    >> problem = initEclipsePackedProblemAD(fn);
    Error using readEclipseDeck
    spe11-decks\csp11b\isothermal\130_62\CSP11B_DISGAS.DATA: No such file or directory

    Error in initEclipseProblemAD (line 74)
            deck = readEclipseDeck(deck);

    Error in initEclipsePackedProblemAD (line 52)
        [state0, model, schedule, nls] = initEclipseProblemAD(deck, extra{:});



  • 4.  RE: Input files for other simulators

    Posted 03-21-2024 04:40 AM

    You will have to enter the full path. Since you have placed it in the root directory of MRST you can do something like this:
    fn = fullfile(ROOTDIR(), 'spe11-decks\csp11b\isothermal\130_62\CSP11B_DISGAS.DATA');

    Or write out the path in full according to how you placed it in the file system. Please do note that these example files are not 100% up to date and should only be considered a starting point when used with MRST or other simulators, not a 100% accurate realization of the CSP description. I think the pore volume on the boundary is not consistent with the description and thermal, diffusion and dispersion effects are omitted.

    Best regards,