Who We Are

The Digital Energy Technical Section (DETS) thrives to engage, inform and educate the SPE community on value, business improvement opportunities and limitations of digital transformation across the oil and gas, including exploration, drilling, reservoir management, field operations, facilities, logistics, telecommunications, digital solutions, business processes, and automation. This technical section consists of five committees; namely Publications, Membership, Technical Programs, Technologies (Hardware), Digital Solutions (Software), and Digital Transformation (People).

Every committee has its own particular functions and dedicated chairperson(s) and SMEs to ensure quality and continuity of their services and to venues for mentoring and knowledge transfer.  

DETS main purpose will not only be limited to conducting conventional Society’s activities such as Advanced Technology Workshops (ATWs), Forum Series events, Distinguished Lecturer program, papers and conference technical sessions but will also include the following ambitious objectives:

  • Creating and maintaining the best SPE section page with an active blog.
  • Identifying, proposing and utilizing new ways to communicate, exchange and share news between DETS committees and among SPE DETS Members.
  • Proposing an advanced means to conduct online webinars and technical meetings/exchange. 
    • Conduct a monthly webinar
    • Conduct webinar series
    • Conduct online panel discussions
    • Conduct online live courses
    • Generate online courses
  • Establishing best-practices documentation for procurement, technology testing, implementation, Human factor engagement, and performance evaluation of DOF projects.
  • Establishing an approach to reach an understanding of the capabilities and limitations of various technologies within a non-commercial framework.
  • Establishing workflows to assess the value of digital transformation endeavors, data, and information.
  • Quadrupling the number of SPE DETS members by 2020
  • Attracting active and distinguished members from around the world
  • Support and mentor SPE YP’s interested in Digital.
  • Engaging with standards committees ( http://www.oilandgasstandards.org )  and industry forums with a significant impact on SPE DETS

Collaborating with related SPE committees such as Petroleum Data-Driven AnalyticsDrilling Systems Automation and Unmanned Systems