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  • 1.  Store&Go

    Posted 05-21-2023 01:32 AM

    Dear Community,
    I would like to make you aware of the very large multi-year, and VERY practical store&go project, that in my view is pretty much the only one that has looked at the two key questions of scalability and ACTUAL implementation of CO2 utilization technologies, combining it with the opportunity of storing normally wasted "renewable" generation when there is no need for electricity. The website has descriptions of all pilot projects, and a multitude of very interesting reports. STORE&GO

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    27 partner organizations and companies from all over Europe collaborated in the STORE&GO project to integrate Power-to-Gas technology into the future European energy system. The project life span was 48 months, starting from March 2016 to end of February 2020. It was funded by the European Union's "Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme".
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  • 2.  RE: Store&Go

    Posted 05-22-2023 01:44 AM

    Very interesting project indeed in which I recently dive in as part of a program I was enroled.
    For those unfamiliar it consists on a deep study of all aspects of synthetic methane production. Synthetic methane is obtained from green hydrogen and captured CO2 which through Sabatier reaction results in synthetic methane that can be directly used as replacement of natural gas from fossil sources. Although this solution does not totally eliminate CO2 emissions (unless the source of CO2 is biogenic) I really like it because it is probably the only way for CO2 large usage adding value to the final product and it does not rely as much as other usages for CO2 on the location. Several demo industrial projects have been performed so far and this route is inlcuded to some extenet in several national decarbonization roadmaps, being Japan probably the one that puts a bigger compromise in it.
    It is ongoing a scaled up project, maybe the largest one, that you can see in Columbus - Pioneer of the energy transition | Columbus
    Many of the info derived in from the STORE&GO project can be also applied to other routes for e-fuel as Fischer Tropp.

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    Columbus - Pioneer of the energy transition | Columbus
    Columbus is an innovative Carbon Capture and Utilisation ("CCU") project in Wallonia. The project will valorize all the side-streams of the production process and will create a circular economy
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    Carlos LOPEZ