Breakfast Series: Unconvential Forecasts and Type Wells (Part 2 of 3): Production Rate Scaling

When:  Oct 20, 2016 from 07:30 AM to 09:30 AM (MT)
Associated with  Calgary Section

Breakfast Series: Unconvential Forecasts and Type Wells You Can Count On:
Session 2: Production Rate Scaling

Date: Thursday, October 20 2016
Speaker: Randy Freeborn P.Eng., Chief Research Engineer
Energy Navigator Inc.

Location: Calgary Petroleum Club

Time: 7:30 – 9:30 am
Cost: $45 SPE Members, $55 Non-members, $15 Students


Ideal analogs for predicting results for future drill campaigns are often unavailable or are few in number because we continuously optimize drilling and completion design to improve return on investment. Scaling is a tool to alter prior historical production to reflect what might happen with different design parameters: number of fractures, completed well length, permeability, reservoir pressure, and proppant volume. We base the proposed methods on expected physics, and they have proved useful with limited testing.

The lecture will discuss the production rate scaling principles and demonstrate three distinct uses:

  • Adjust the historical and predicted rate-time profile from analogs to use in constructing a type well.
  • As a diagnostic tool, scaling will help to identify completion parameters that are unknown such as the number of open fractures from wells that have been cluster fractured.
  • In combination with economics, we may use scaling criteria to optimize well design.

Speaker Bio:

Randy Freeborn is a Distinguished Lecturer of the SPE on the subject of type wells and a subject matter expert in empirical forecasting and related technology. Currently, he is Chief Research Engineer at Energy Navigator where he is responsible for identifying and inventing engineering technology for inclusion in the company’s reserve management software. He has been a professional engineer for 43 years and is a member of SPEE and SPE. Freeborn has prepared numerous technical papers for presentation at conferences, workshops and industry meetings. He has given guest lectures at the University of Houston and Texas A&M, and has been called as an expert witness.

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