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2nd Distinguished Lecturer: Dr. Basak Kurtoglu (@ JX, Dec.12, 2016)

By Asana Wasaki posted 12-14-2016 07:32 PM


SPE JAPAN welcomed Dr. Basak Kurtoglu, the 2nd distinguished lecturer this year, at JX Tokyo headquarter on Monday, December 12, 2016.


Dr. Kurtoglu

Pic-1. Dr. Kurtoglu

Theme"Creating a Worldwide Unconventional Revolution - Through Technically Justifiable Strategies -"

Bio: Abs Bios_Basak Kurtoglu.pdf


Dr. Kurtoglu has been looking into shale oil fields in Bakken and Eagle Ford for many years. In the seminar, she shared her great experiences on unlocking unconventional resources, especially shale oil.

EIA’s map on technically recoverable shale resources shows the huge potential of shale oil and gas, some of which still sitting and waiting to be developed. She mentions that the integrated workflow of reservoir characterization and operational execution is important. She also emphasizes that operational execution is the key factor for success. It is understandable, operational execution is something we can control, while the reservoir properties are much harder to change artificially.

Some examples related to operational execution are the following:

  • Application of mini-DST for landing zone selection (SPE- SPE-159597),
  • The way how to analyze the observation from fracturing jobs, flow back and long-term production (SPE- SPE-172922).
  • The idea of gas injection for shale oil reservoir, following the success of EOG in Eagle Ford.

SPE JAPAN is glad to have her as one of the distinguished lecturer this year. We appreciate her visit to Japan in spite of her busy schedule.

Opening of the seminar

Pic-2. Opening of the Seminar