Student Chapter

Established  in 2006, the SPE Bergen Student Chapter has quickly become the main link between students and the oil and gas industry for the Bergen region. The chapter is one of the largest and most vibrant SPE student chapters in the world and hosts a variety of activities and events focused on knowledge enhancement and network building.

The SPE Bergen Student Chapter encourages all energy companies to present technical information and employment opportunities at their regular member meetings.



Spring 2016:

- Semester kick-off

- Coarse in Thesis writing for master students

- PetroBowl

- Spring party


Fall 2016:

- Semester kick-off

Presentation at the University of Bergen

- Christmas table

- Motivational speech from the industry


President: Niklas Tyler Husefest

Vice President: Ingrid Kristiansen

Treasurer: Johan Kostveit

Ptex Manager: Silje Lande

Recruting/Event Manager: Kari Nærland

Event Manager: Snorre Vasshus