Chairman's Message

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a non-profit international professional organization that concern mainly with collect and exchange the technical knowledge regarding Oil & Gas exploration and production by holding more than 100 conferences, forums, and workshops. Also by publishing and distributing many peer-reviewed journals in all the petroleum industry disciplines. SPE has more than 100,000 members around the world and they formalize a huge technical network. It has around 200 sections that interest in expand these activities in specific regions .

We so pleasure in SPE Iraq Section to be part from this international network. We hope to cooperate with all the engineers, scientists, manages, and university professors in Iraq in order to activate the professional knowledge transfer in order to participate in developing the energy resources exploration and production operations in our country .

SPE Iraq Section includes mainly the young professional members, experts, educators, as well as women members and it is going to grow quickly .

Our current and future activities are instituting the scientific workshop by the main support of South Oil Company and we hope to acquire the support of service and IOCs in Basrah region with our welcoming for their manpower to participate in our activities.
Finally, we present our great thanks and appreciations due to the South Oil Company for their great support to this first section in Iraq.


Wathiq Al-Mudhafer, Chair of SPE Iraq Section

South Oil Company