SPE IAPG QUIZ - 1st April 2016

The SPE-IAPG Quiz, which marked the first major integrated event for the year 2016, was conducted for the 3rd year in a row by the SPE Bangalore section, in collaboration with the Indian Association of Petroleum Geoscientists (IAPG). The event was conducted on 1st of April 2016 at the Shell Technology Centre Bangalore.


The registration for the event began three weeks in advance and invites were sent to all the members of SPE and IAPG community. Each team was allowed a maximum of 3 participants preferably from different technical background to compete in the multi-disciplinary quiz. The response for the quiz was phenomenal with a total of 17 teams registering for the event.

The organizing committee consisting of Mr. Jitin Kazhakapurayil, Mr. Aditya Agarwal, Mr. Ankush Kumar  (Members, SPE Bangalore Section) and Miss. Debadrita Jana, Subhakar Dandamudi (Members, IAPG), started the proceedings by rolling out the preliminary round aimed to shortlist 6 finalists for the main event. The questionnaire comprised of some teasing technical questions (Reservoir, Geology, Petrophysics, Production, drilling etc) as well a few trivia questions related to the Oil & Gas Industry. The six finalists, thus chosen, went on the play the main Quiz comprising of 4 interesting rounds.

The first round, called the “Easy round”, comprised of 12 questions (6 technical and 6 trivia) aimed to warm up the participants. This was followed by “The Connect round”, a visual round in which the teams had to correlate a set of 4 pictures to a theme related to the Oil & gas industry. The third round “What’s behind the door” was a novel round in which each team had to choose a door number from the screen and answer the question behind the door. Based on the scores after the first three rounds three teams were eliminated and the top three teams went on to play the last and final round “The Buzzer round”.

After an electrifying last round the Winner and the Runners up were awarded with exciting prizes. Both the finalists as well the audience appreciated the quality of the questions and enjoyed the challenge posed by them. Special prizes were also given away to the enthusiastic audience who could answer the questions passed to them by the finalists.   

All in all, the event was able to live up to the expectations of all the participants whose enthusiasm and zeal helped to make it a grand success.