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When:  Apr 2, 2024 from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM (CT)
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Enhancing Interpretation of Diagnostic Data Using Near-Wellbore Measurements


The continual advancement in the number and quality of diagnostic tools has brought about significant improvements in their utilizations, though the information derived from these tools often still lacks straightforward interpretation. While tracer data is insightful for assessing zonal isolation, there arises a challenge when data indicates the absence of isolation, prompting the next question… why?  Is it geology or parent-child related?  Image logs can identify fractures, but how can you determine which fractures might be productive? Furthermore, variations in cluster and perforation behaviors, and/or the occurrence of well-to-well communication in some stages and not others, pose additional questions.

Fracture diagnostics are an essential part of understanding the impact of completion designs on fracture development.  However, more often than not, there are variations in geology from stage to stage, cluster to cluster, and even foot to foot that make each stage unique.  This variation can often confuse or even obscure the ultimate goal of the diagnostics in evaluating varying completion parameters.

This presentation reviews the significance of incorporating near-wellbore properties as an integral addition to other diagnostics, and how drilling data can be used to characterize the rock being drilled.  The talk will review multiple instances where near-wellbore properties, including rock strength and the presence of pre-existing depleted fractures, provided crucial context to various diagnostic data such as RA tracers, image logs, microseismic, pumping data, surface seismic, and fiber optics.  A framework detailing the utilization of near-wellbore properties to best construct a robust completions testing plan will also be discussed. 


Bill Katon serves as the Chief Petrophysicist at Drill2Frac, a company that leverages existing drilling data to provide near-wellbore rock properties and fluid distribution modeling for wells. With an extensive background spanning three decades in the oilfield services sector, Bill oversees service delivery, product development, and business expansion of Drill2Frac solutions within the unconventional market. Before joining Drill2Frac, Bill held various roles at Schlumberger, ranging from wireline operations and management to sales, account management, and petrophysics. Possessing a BS degree in Ocean Engineering from Florida Atlantic University, Bill brings a wealth of knowledge to the field.


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