June Luncheon

When:  Jun 11, 2024 from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM (CT)
Associated with  Austin Section

Application of Hydraulic Port Collars in Two Stage Cementing Operations Reduces Rig Time and Drilling Cost in the Permian Basin

presented by Tom O'Grady with TAM International


Operators in the Permian Basin have been performing two stage cementing operations on their casing strings for decades utilizing conventional diverter tool technology, often in combination with casing annulus packers.

Over time, issues with legacy diverter tools (DV) have been identified and solutions sought. These issues range from longer than desired time to drill-out the DV tool, reluctance to drill-out a DV tool with a directional assembly due to drill bit dulling and premature drilling motor/MWD failures, damage to the DV tool while drilling causing leaks and remediation and an inability to pressure test the whole casing string after cementing. A development effort was made to eliminate these issues. The Hydraulic Port Collar (HPC) was designed and extensive qualification/testing of the HPC design was performed prior to field deployment. Running procedures were written and revised in consultation with a variety of operators. Several wells were identified for field trials. The wells were selected based on the operator’s desire to eliminate a DV tool drill-out. The wells had complex directional plans that required high bend drilling motors resulting in the operator’s reluctance to drill-out conventional DV tools with the curve BHA’s.

This presentation will review the results of the field trials and document efficiency gains up to 40% when compared to previous operations where legacy DV tools had been deployed. 


Tom O’Grady currently works for TAM International based in Midland, TX.  The past 10 years at TAM International his focus has been on two stage cementing equipment improvement, testable toe sleeves and open hole bridge plugs.  He has authored three SPE papers during his 35-year career in the oilfield.  Tom was awarded the “Best of the Best” by the IADC/SPE for exception work surrounding manuscript SPE 21795-MS which was presented at the 2024 IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition.

Prior to joining TAM International Tom held various positions with Hughes Christensen and Halliburton for 25 years.  He is a member of the SPE, AADE Permian Basin Section, and a graduate of Oklahoma University where he competed on their cross country and track and field teams. 


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