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Marietta College Student Chapter Meet and Greet


This past week, members of the Appalachian Section visited the students of our sponsored chapter at Marietta College as part of an informal outreach program. While the section has activiely sponsored the college in the form of our annual scholarship program, an effort is being made this year to increase our involvement, both formally and informally, in the hopes that the students will benefit from some practical advice and exposure to members of industry in their region.

The outing was attended by over 50 students as well as the entire PNGE faculty, and many great discussions were had, as students sought practical advice from members of industry and sought to learn more about the profession they will soon be joining. Thanks to the members who were able to participate in this visit.

 A second outing is tenatively scheduled for the spring semester, so if you would like to participate, please contact the section officers.