Mastering the Challenges of High-Frequency Torsional Oscillations in Hard Rock Drilling

When:  Nov 9, 2023 from 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM (WAT)
Associated with  Angola Section


Vibrations induced by the drilling process limit the drilling efficiency directly and indirectly. Directly if the delivery of power to the cutting process is negatively impacted through vibrations, indirectly if a limitation of the operational parameters is necessary to reduce vibrational loads and avoid reliability issues. The lecture gives an overview on these aspects focusing on High- Frequency Torsional Oscillations (HFTO). HFTO is increasingly discussed in the drilling industry since about ten years, driven by the new ability to systematically detect them

The audience shall connect drilling in hard and dense formation with PDC cutters and rotary steerable systems to HFTO. The complexity of the proper interpretation of the measurements related to HFTO is highlighted.

Also, audience is kindly asked to consider HFTO in the planning phase of each drilling operations, and if expected from the drilling application, to plan for it accordingly


Avenid a 4 de Fevereiro 74 / 75 Faculty of Science
Luanda, AGO
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Abel Cruz