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  • SPE Vietnam offers scholarship awards

    SPE Vietnam section gave out scholarship awards to students of the Geology and Petroleum Engineering departments of the Bach Khoa university, Ho Chi Minh city at the university's 2017 Petroleum Day held on 14th of April 2017 .

    SPE Committee members Ngo Qui Khanh (student liaison, HCMUT), Akpo Ojonah (publicity and communications), Tam Nguyen (student liaison, PVU) and Miss Bao Toan (operations and administration) presented the awards on behalf of the section

  • SPE Vietnam awarded GOLD standard

    The Vietnam Section has earned the Gold Standard designation for 2016, in recognition of its exceptional programs in industry engagement, operations and planning, community involvement, professional development and innovation.

    The committee would like thank all the SPE section members for their exceptional support in making this happen.



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Apr 2017 Distinguished Lecturer presentation - Prof. Pavel Bedrikovetsky, download here

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