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SPE Vietnam visited heart-operated children at Tam Duc Heart Hospital  

On 21-Jan-2016, SPE VN visited Tam Duc Heart Hospital and presented some new year gifts to the children whose heart-operation were sponsored by SPE VN.

Since 2011, in partnership with VCF and Heartbeat Vietnam, SPE VN has helped save 90 indigent new-born children with heart problem. 


SPE Vietnam donated construction of Thom Rom kindergarten school in Tra Vinh province 

After a few months of construction, the Thom Rom kindergarten renovation project in Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province, which was financially sponsored by SPE Vietnam, in partnership with Partage Vietnam has been officially opened on the 28th October 2015 with presence from SPE Vietnam, Partage Vietnam and the happy teachers and children.



On 23-Jan-2016 at PVU campus, the scholarships were presented to 25 outstanding students from PVU. 

On 18-Jan-2016, the SPE Scholarship Award Ceremonies were held in HCMUS & HCMUT campuses. The scholarships, varying from VND 3mil to 30mil in cash and English learning, were presented to 21 excellent students from each University.






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SPE Golf and Tennis Tournament

The 2015 SPE Golf & Tennis Tourney
This year G&T event (05-07 Nov) has been extremely successful thanks to tremendous supports from sponsors, players and volunteers. Excellent works by the G&T Committee!

Check out some photos from this exciting event.