Topic: Four Generations of Natural Gas Growth in Trinidad and Tobago

Presenter: Professor Andrew Jupiter

Date: March 18th 2014

Location: National Energy.

Address: Corner Rivulet and Factory Roads Brechin Castle, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago.

Directions: Travel south along the Solomon Hochoy Highway, exit at the Pt.Lisas ramp, travel west to the roundabout, South to the second roundabout and West along Rivulet Road to Pt. Lisas. National Energy is located at the corner of Factory and Rivulet Roads, Brechin Castle.





SPE Code of Conduct
In September 2013, the SPE Board of Directors made important changes to the SPE Code of Professional Conduct. Please take a few minutes to read the new Code today.


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SPETT Awards Nominations‏


Trinidad and Tobago Section

Annual Awards

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Trinidad and Tobago Section (SPETT) recognizes individuals and companies annually for outstanding service to the Society and the Industry.  Awards in recognition of such service are to be presented at SPETT’s Energy Conference in June 2014 and include the following:

  1. Trevor Boopsingh Young Engineer Award
  2. Kermitt Walrond Award
  3. Outstanding Member Award
  4. Corporate Support Award
  5. Membership Development Award

Nominees for these awards are solicited from SPETT members, who were financial members for 2013 and who are financial members for 2014. Companies operating in Trinidad and Tobago during 2013 are eligible for consideration for award (iv) above.  Nominations must also satisfy the additional criteria as enunciated below.

SPETT reserves the right to select awardees at its discretion and is not obligated to present awards in any or all categories in a given year. Awards in the above categories are limited to a maximum of one (1) per annum.

In an effort to promote peer recognition, the criteria for these awards were modified in 2004 to eliminate the practice of self-nomination by stipulating that all nominations are to be made by a bonafide nominator. Nominators are required to be financial members of SPE for the year during which nominations are made. In cases where only one nomination is received for an award, it is not automatic that that nominee will receive the award but the nomination will be assessed according to the criteria for the award.

Detailed criteria for the above captioned awards

1. Trevor BoopsinghYoung Engineer Award

This award is presented to a member who is less than thirty-five (35) years of age at December 31st for the particular year under consideration. For the year being considered, the member should be less than 35 years at December 31st, 2013. Criteria for consideration are as follows:

  • Currently working in the local petroleum industry, and
  • Has made some tangible technical contribution to the industry, and
  • Has served at, at least, the SPETT section level, and
  • Has had his/her work presented at a local, regional or international SPE or other equivalent technical conference and/or has had his/her work published in an international journal, and/or
  • Has obtained a patent or has had a patent pending on his/her name

2. Kermitt Walrond Award

This award, named after the first Chairman of the SPETT Section, Dr. Kermitt Walrond, is presented to a member of the SPETT Section for dedicated service to the Society of Petroleum Engineers at the Trinidad and Tobago Section level. Criteria for consideration are as follows:

  • Must have been a member of SPETT for at least ten (10) years, and
  • Must have served on the SPETT Board of Directors for at least five (5) of those years

3. Outstanding Member Award

This award is presented to a member of SPETT Section for dedicated service to the petroleum industry in Trinidad and Tobago. It recognizes individuals who distinguish themselves through service to the industry in professional, technical or commercial enterprise, who would have maintained the highest standards of professionalism and integrity and who would have brought distinction to the Society of Petroleum Engineers through their efforts.  Criteria for consideration are given below. The recipient of this award must be:

  • Actively employed or managing a business within the petroleum industry, and/or
  • Should have a track record of achievement for his/her company, and/or
  • Should have distinguished himself/herself through service at the national level in the petroleum industry

 4. Corporate Support Award

SPE is a voluntary organization.  The Society is heavily dependent on the many professionals in our industry who contribute time and effort towards the advancement of the Society’s mission and vision.  Such human capital investment would be unavailable were it not for the significant support of the many organizations within our industry who promote our professional pursuits for the overall benefit of our citizens.  SPETT is therefore eternally grateful for this support and publicly recognizes those contributions by conferring its Corporate Supporter of the Year Award on that organization which would have contributed significantly, through the efforts of its employees, financially and otherwise to the well-being of the Society and, by extension, our industry. This award is to be presented to a company operating in Trinidad and Tobago during 2013. Criteria for consideration are as follows:

  • Number of active SPE members in that company
  • Company’s support to SPE related activities in Trinidad and Tobago, e.g. Technical Programmes, Membership Development Activities, Conferences, Golf, Annual Banquet etc.
  • Encouragement to, and support of, its employees to attend SPE technical programmes
  • Company’s support in encouraging its employees to publish work done in that company
  • Company’s support to other SPE related activities, locally, regionally and internationally

5. Membership Development Award

SPE’s work is accomplished through the dedication and commitment of its members on a purely voluntary basis. In seeking to promote the vision and mission of the Society’s work, it is imperative that its members seek to attract new beneficiaries through recruitment efforts. Evidently, it takes significant effort to continue to expand both the section’s membership, and by extension, talent pool.  This award recognizes the efforts of its members who undertake to bring new members into SPE’s fold.

The Membership Development Award is presented to an SPETT Section member, who would have been a financial member of the Society during the year of recognition, and who would have recruited the greatest number of members (at least five) during 2013.

Nominations MUST satisfy ALL the following criteria:

  1. Nominators must be financial members of SPE for the year 2013.    
  2. All nominations must be dated and provide the following information for the:-
  • Nominee    
    Name, mailing address, phone number, email address, SPE membership number, the award being proposed, information that fits the stated criteria in the relevant award category OR must clearly state why the nominee should be considered for the award. In the case of the Corporate Support Award, the name, business address and the name and contact information of an appropriate company official must be provided            
  • Nominator    

  • Name, mailing address, phone number, email address, SPE membership number, original signature
  • Nominations not satisfying the foregoing criteria will be deemed ineligible and will not be considered.


Submission deadline is 6.00 p.m. Thursday 17th April 2014. Submissions can be emailed to Director- Awards, Recognition and Events.

At :       celiagarciaa@hotmail.com, celia.garcia-james@petrotrin.com