Presenter: Jie Wang, Reservoir Engineer - Weatherford

Title of the presentation: Reservoir Fluid Characterization


Jie Wang has been a Reservoir Project Engineer at Weatherford Laboratories since 2011. She obtained her BSc degree in Petroleum engineering from Petroleum University of China. She also has an MSc degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Calgary Canada. She was a PhD candidate in reservoir engineering from 2004 to 2009. Jie has more than 10 years’ experience in reservoir engineering, including reservoir simulation, special core analysis as well as reservoir fluid characterization. She has authored and co-authored 10 technical papers in the area of chemical and reservoir engineering. 


  1. Surface sample collection
  2. Recombination of surface sample-at what ratio
  3. Measurement of bubble point or dew point
  4. Separator tests-why more than 1 and at what conditions
  5. Differential liberation depletion test-Why and How
  6. Constant volume depletion- Why and How
  7. Constant composition expansion-Why and How
  8. Viscosity measurements vs correlations—Liquid vs Gas
  9. Retrograde gas condensate reservoir engineering
  10. Observations on unconventional liquid-rich shale reservoirs

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