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When:   May 24, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CT)
Where:   Twin Hills Country Club, 3401 NE 36th St, Oklahoma City,, Oklahoma City, OK, 73130, US

When & Where

Twin Hills Country Club
3401 NE 36th St, Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma City, OK 73130

May 24, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CT)


Reservoir Study Group

Twin Hills Country Club, May 24th, 2017, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Improving Unconventional Production Through Advanced Characterization Techniques – A Bakken Story

Presented by James Sorensen, Principal Geologist, Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC)


Oil production from unconventional tight formations such as the Bakken and Eagle Ford is prolific, accounting for millions of barrels per day of U.S. production. However, the recovery factors for wells in these plays are typically low by conventional standards, which suggests there is room for improvement when it comes to our approach to primary stage production. Attempts to improve recovery through secondary recovery methods have met with limited success. An improved understanding of the petrophysical characteristics of tight oil formations and the behavior of reservoir fluids under the unique reservoir conditions that typify those formations can provide insight regarding the mechanisms controlling both primary and secondary recovery operations in tight oil plays. The use of advanced petrophysical characterization techniques, innovative approaches to studying fluid behavior, and industry standard modeling have been used to examine the potential for enhanced oil recovery in the Bakken using CO2 and/or rich gas. The approaches and results of those examinations will be presented and discussed in the context of how they might be practically applied to future tight oil production operations.


James A. Sorensen is a Principal Geologist at the EERC, where he is a principal investigator and task manager for projects related to the sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in geologic media and the sustainable development of tight oil resources....Mr. Sorensen’s primary areas of interest and expertise are carbon dioxide utilization and storage in geologic formations, tight oil resource assessment and development, and environmental issues associated with the oil and gas industry. Since 2003, he has focused on the value-added use of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Since 2009, he has conducted a variety of research projects to develop an improved understanding of the Bakken Petroleum System, including efforts to examine the potential to use CO2 and rich gas for EOR in the Bakken. In 2011, Mr. Sorensen conducted an assessment of North American tight oil resources that was included as a section in the National Petroleum Council’s report to the U.S. Secretary of Energy on the potential of North America’s abundant natural gas and oil resources....Mr. Sorensen received his B.S. degree in Geology from the University of North Dakota. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and is an author or coauthor of over 30 published papers.

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