SPE NYNE Invited Lecture


Application of Nanotechnology in Oil and Gas Industry: Fabrication of Reservoir Micromodels by Nanoscale Carbonate Coating on Microfluidic Chips

Wei Wang, PhD

 Application of Nanotechnology in Oil and Gas Industry
When: Friday December 8th, 2017
Time: 11:00AM - 1:00PM (networking and lunch afterward)
Where: Aramco Research Center-Boston
            400 Technology Square, Cambridge MA 01239

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Applications of nanotechnology in the oil and gas industry have been on the rise over the past decade. As a major step forward in realizing a useful “Reservoir-on-a-Chip,” a method has been developed to fabricate synthetic carbonate reservoir micromodels by in-situ growing a layer of calcite nanocrystals in the glass microfluidic channels. The dimensions and geometries of the micromodels are controllable; and the wettability of the calcite-coated microchannels can be tuned to simulated oil reservoir conditions, making the oil-wet surface more faithfully resemble a natural carbonate reservoir rock. With the advantage of its excellent optical transparency, the micromodel allows us to directly visualize and quantify the complex multiphase flows and geochemical fluid−calcite interactions by advanced spectroscopic and microscopic imaging techniques. This calcite-coated micromodel system allows us, for example, to perform a water−oil displacement experiment in very small-volume samples for dramatically-accelerated screening of candidate chemical additive formulations for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations.



Dr. Wei Wang is a Research Science Specialist in Aramco Services Company. He had been a Staff Research Scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory since 2001, before joining the Aramco Research Center-Boston as a founding member in 2012. Prior to that, he worked as a Research Associate at the University of Pittsburgh and as an Associate Professor at the Ocean University in Qingdao, China. Wei holds his Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993, and has authored or co-authored more than 120 research papers, 4 book chapters and 8 US patents.

According to Society of Petroleum Engineers policy, embargoed country nationals will not be admitted to the meeting. 




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