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SPE NL YP invites you to a lecture on September 25th:

Geological realism of deep water channel reservoir models with intelligent priors

By Temistocles Simon Rojas (Xodus Group)


Following a publication in this month’s issue of the SPE Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT), the presenter of this SPE YP lecture will show the outcomes of his study which was conducted in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University.

In this work the authors propose to tackle the problem of preserving realism in automated history matching by building robust prior models that describe the non-linear multivariate dependencies between geological parameters of the deep water channelized system. The researchers built multi-dimensional realistic priors using intelligent techniques, specifically One-Class Support Vector Machine. OC-SVM allows capturing hidden relations of the deep water channel parameters (Channel Width and Thickness, Meander Amplitude, and Wavelength). Furthermore, it is possible to predict realistic parameter combinations, not observed in the available data; but still plausible in nature.
In automated history matching we sample from these realistic priors in order to assure geological realism. A Multiple Point Statistics (MPS) algorithm SNESIM is used to model facies in a deep water channelized reservoir. History-matched models produced under geological realistic constraints reduce uncertainty of the production prediction.

About the presenter:

Has a BSc. In Geological Engineering from Universidad Central de Venezuela, an MPhil. in Sedimentology from the University of Reading, a PhD. In Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt (Edinburgh) and has been working in the industry (Apache Corp, PDVSA, Xodus Group) for 14 years.

Time and Coordinates:

Thursday September 25th 2014

Location: Café Barlow, Plein 15-16, Den Haag *NOTE: THIS IS NOT OUR USUAL VENUE*

17.30 Welcome drinks - 18.00 Start lecture


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