Dinner meeting presentations

This page contains presentations from SPE London Evening Dinner meetings, provided the speaker gave permission to release them.

Presentations from October 2017

'Reserves and Resources – Top 10 PRMS errors and misunderstandings'
Speaker: Dr Ed Jankowski, Managing Director, RPS Energy

Presentations from September 2017

'Welcome to the Future. Quantum Computing for the Real World Today'
Speaker: Andy Mason. D-Wave

Presentations from May 2017

'Making Quality Decisions'
Speaker: Pete Naylor, Shell

'Event-based Risk Management'
Speaker: Craig Smalley, Benchmarks Consulting


Presentations from April 2017

'Planet Oil'
Speaker: Adrian Gregory, MORE Oil & Gas Consultancy


Presentations from February 2017

'Getting closer to the truth'
Speaker: Silvia Rey Gomez, IHS Markit


Presentations from November 2016

'Challenges and solution for Independents during low oil prices'
Speaker: Peter R. Clutterbuck, Global Energy Consultants Ltd

Distinguished Lecturer Program. 'The Digital Oilfield - Collaborative Working at Global Scale'
Speaker: Frans Van den Berg, Smart Collaboration, The Netherlands


Presentations from September 2016

'Holistic View – Asset Evaluation'
Speaker: Drew Powell, Global Director – Operations, Gaffney, Cline & Associates

'Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women'
Speakers: Inge Woudstra, W2O Consulting and Training

'Resilient Field Developments that can Accommodate Uncertainty are the Best Solution for a Sustained Low Oil Price Environment'
Speaker: Chris Hopper, Moving Future


Presentations from May 2016 

M&A in the North Sea Overview and recent trends
Speakers: Neil Leppard and Mairi Massey

'Enabling Geological Scale Dynamic Modelling of a Fractured Basement Reservoir'
Speaker: Daniel Bonter, Hurricane Energy

'Offshore Gas Treating in a low oil price environment'
Speaker: John Young, Twister


Presentations from April 2016 

Recent advances in ocean circulation modelling and applications for oil spill preparedness
Speaker: Katya Popova

Reducing offshore drilling and construction risks with Metocean data
Speaker: Mark Calverle


Presentations from March 2016 

Why Can't I get my Reserves right?
Speaker: Mark Hayes

What's an SPE Technical Director - Would I know if I heard one?
Speaker: David Curry

Managing the Future Impact of Current Cost Cutting. What Should We Keep on Spending to Drive Down Well Costs?
Speaker: David Curry

LNG glut: doom and gloom? Or land of opportunity?
Speaker: Ryan Pereira

Presentations from February 2016

The Search for Efficient Use of CAPEX
Speaker: Iain Poole


Presentations from January 2016

Managing Dual Careers: Work/Life Integration in a 24/7 World
Speaker: Eva Sprunt

Perforating for Inflow performance in Natural Completions
Speaker: Mark S Brinsden

Presentations from November  2015

Assessing and Applying Petroleum Enginering Data
Speaker: John Turley

Presentations from October  2015

Scalable systems for reservoir modeling on modern hardware platforms
Speaker: Dmitry Eydin


Presentations from September  2015

Unlocking oil and gas potential in Central and East Africa. Challenges for Independents.
Speaker: Peter R. Clutterbuck, Global Energy Consultants


Presentations from May 2015

Shale Gas Research.
Michael Kenomore, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Portsmouth University.

Special Core Analysis: Challenges, Pitfalls and Solutions.
Speaker: Colin McPhee, Global Head, Rock Properties Group.

Fluid Profiling with Downhole Fluid Analysis. A Modern Technique for Reservoir Characterization.
Speaker: Michael O’Keefe Principal Reservoir Engineer, Schlumberger.



 Presentations from 24th February 2015

Unconventional Reservoirs Require Unconventional Analysis Techniques.
Speaker:   David Anderson, Product Manager, IHS

Drilling to Profit with Extended Reach Drilling  
Speaker: Iain Hutchison, Managing Director, Merlin ERD Ltd 



 Presentations from 27th January 2015

Project benchmarking reservoir and wells delivery.
Speaker: Nekhil Mishra, Senior Project Analyst, IPA Global 

Problems of accurately forecasting UK oil and gas production
Speaker: Mike Earp, Department of Energy and Climate Change



Presentations from 25th November 2014

 Wood Review: Necessary, but Sufficient?.
Speaker: Charles Goedhals, senior Development Planning Engineer at  Gaffney Cline & Associates

Passive Seismic Monitoring. 
Speaker:  Professor Michael Kendall, School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol. 

Presentations from October  2014

GEOMECHANICS: Quo Vadis....?
Speaker: Glen Burridge

Software Jockeys or Garage Tinkerers – Training Options for Next-Generation Geomechanics
Speaker: Prof Gary Couples, Institute of Petroleum Energy, School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society, Heriot-Watt University

 Reasons why some geomechanical models turn out “unfit for purpose”.
Speaker: Jorg Herwanger

The Role of the Intermediate Principal Stress in Petroleum Geomechanics.
Robert W. Zimmerman, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College

The Value of Geomechanics: Engaging with Engineers and Managers
Speaker: Richard A. Plumb

Presentations from 30th September 2014

Shale plays: how technology, governments, regulators, academia, and the public have changed the world’s energy supply and demand equation
Speaker:  Joseph H. Frantz, Jr. SPE Distinguished Lecturer and VP Engineering Technology, Range Resources Corp

North Sea oil field decommissioning: the challenges and opportunities
Speaker: Nigel Jenkins, Chief Executive, Decom North Sea 

OGIC: transforming the way industry and academia work together. Speaker: Ian Phillips, CEO, Oil and Gas Innovation Centre in Aberdeen 


Presentations from 18th February 2014

Offshore CO2 EOR as Part of a National CCS Programme: Opportunities and Challenges
Speaker: David S Hughes, Principal Reservoir Engineer/CCS and EOR Specialist, Senergy


Presentations from 28th January 2014

The Competent Person's Report
Speaker: John W Barker, Technical Director, Reservoir Engineering, Gaffney Cline & Associates

Stimulation Fluids - Myths, Reality and Environmental Stewardship through Better Chemistry
Speaker: Dan Daulton, SPE Distinguished Lecturer


Presentations from 26th November 2013

Focus on Making Decisions…Not on searching for and analyzing the data - Chris Fair, Founder & CEO, Oilfield Data Services Inc

Advances in Pressure Transient Analysis: De-convolution and its applications - Piers Johnson, Founder & MD, Oilfield Production Consultants (OPC) Ltd


Presentations from 29th October 2013

Value of Popular Decision Analysis Tools in Upstream Asset Valuations - Erkan Karakaya, Principal Economist and New Ventures Director, Schlumberger Production Management 


Presentations from 24th September 2013

Increasing Exploration Chance of Success with Reservoir Seismic Characterisation - Erick Alvarez, Team Leader, Reservoir Seismic Characterisation, Senergy Limited

Distinguished Lecture Program 2013 - Usman Ahmed


Presentations from 28th May 2013

Flow modelling across faults - Wahab Ahmed, Schlumberger

East Africa: A Focus on the Emerging Petroleum Provinces - Rand Al-obaidy, Gaffney, Cline & Associates

The Extinction of Skin - Michael Byrne, Senergy GB Ltd


Presentations from 30th April 2013

Heavy Oil Identification and Exploitation - Jean-Valery Garcia, MD, Kirk Petrophysics


Presentations from 26th March 2013

Reservoir Fluid (PVT) Analysis - Brian Moffatt, PetroPhase


Presentations from 26th February 2013

Attracting Finance - Traps for young and old players - Willl Holland, Macquarie

Subsea Production and Flow Assurance - Sacha Sarshar, Caltec


Presentations from 29th January 2013

Attaining ‘Privilege to operate’ in the Arctic - Jon Perry, ERM

Shale Gas and its Potential Market in Europe - Chris Burns, GCA

Presentation from 27th November 2012

The Value of Information - Pete Naylor, BG Group

Presentations from 24th April 2012

Carbon capture and Storage - Brian Moffatt
Case Study: CO2 Injection into a Highly Depleted Gas Field, SNS UK - Paul Williams & Kate Gibbons
A New Energy future with traditional energy - C. Michael Ming

Presentation from 27th March 2012

Global gas Market - Saad Rahim

Presentations from 28th February 2012

The Future of the North Sea - McKinsey

Presentation from 31st January 2012

Horizontal & Multi-Fractured Wells - Tony Martins

Presentations from 29th November 2011

Operating Environment Post Macondo - Peter Rowley
Peter Rowley Lecture Notes

Life Cycle Well Integrity Management - Ged Lunt 

Presentations from 27th October 2011

Asset Management Optimization using model based decision support - Francesco Verre

Shale Experience from a global gas perspective - Alex Gabb, BG Group

Presentations from 27th September 2011

The Applications of Surface Jet Pump Technology to Increase Oil and Gas Production - Dr Najam Beg

The Current Status of Shale Gas in Europe - Chris Rachwal

Presentation from 24th May 2011

EOR - The Time is Now - Paul Bondor

Presentation from 26th April 2011

On the Road to Smart Technologies in Underground Gas Storage - Kenneth Brown

Presentations from 29th March 2011

Minnows Chasing Whales - Tower Resources
Uganda Project - Robin Rindfuss

Presentations from 18th January 2011

Hot Water Rises - Paul L Younger

Gas Price Trends - Niall Trimble

The Prospects For Geothermal Energy In Scotland - Ed Stephens

Presentations from 30th November 2010

Responding to the Deepwater Horizon Incident - Rob Bly, Oil Spill Response Ltd

Production and Produced Water Systems - Weatherford

Presentations from 26th October 2010

Stochastic Handling of Uncertainties in the Decision Making Process - Dag Ryen, Ofstad, IPRES, Norway 

Value of Information in Business Development Opportunities - Todd Jones, Chevron Europe 

Reliability of Expert Judgements and Uncertainty Assessments - Steve Begg, University of Adelaide 

Presentations from 28th September 2010

Enlightened Reservoir Management - Mr Alan Strudley 

Fractured Horizontal Well Decline - Dr Branimir Cvetkovic