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YP Lunch and Learn and Meet in Greet in Celle

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Meet & Greet

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Rolf Schiffer: Geothermisches Potential der Türkei

in Turkey, which currently is one of of the AHO experts of the Federal

 11-23-2017 | 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM CET

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one of our events - e.g. an evening...Munich.If you haven’t attended one before, here

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Event Description

The difference is that rather than one...Workshop, one longer coffee break of 30…60min...This often includes one meal. Different...than one person in your room, you should...takes one full day. Several participants

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STC 2015

in the oil museum in one of the

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About Us

Roughly one half of our members are students

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STC 2016

– to meet old friends and make new ones