AUSGEBUCHT! Hernan Buijs: An Engineered Approach to Unconventional Reservoirs Stimulation

When:  Jan 11, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (CET)
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An Engineered Approach to Unconventional Reservoirs Stimulation

Hernan Buijs (Wintershall)


Hydraulic fracturing is one of the most important and enduring technologies ever developed by the oil & gas industry. In the decades since its introduction in the late 1940s, the role of this technology in improving production and increasing recoverable reserves is probably second only to rotary drilling.
Since Stanolind Oil (Amoco) introduced fracturing in 1949, more than 4 million fracture treatments have been performed, and currently approximately 70% of all wells drilled are fracture stimulated.
At times it appears that hydraulic fracturing (as a “technology”) is a victim of its own success, to the point that it works so well that the fact that it could work even better is lost; leaving behind untapped potential that can be translated into millions of Euros. Unlike drilling technology, in which huge improvements have been made over the last decade, fracturing technology still resides in the arena of technologies that were, for the most part, developed by the 1980-1990s (Smith, Montgomery et al.). 100’s of new technologies are offered yearly fueled by a sort of placebo effect taken by the industry pushing to believe they can actually improve completion efficiency. Nevertheless, very few are founded on real physical principles that are backed up by intensive laboratory work (not all new technologies are “good” technologies). There is a huge overprint of effects when considering production performance of a fractured well that can mask the real benefits of certain technology (reservoir characterization, fracture modelling, reservoir architecture, the way we produce our wells, etc).
The purpose of this talk will be to have an engineering view to such complex matters involved in Hydraulic Fracturing with the intention of providing a higher understanding regarding the benefits and limitations of different technologies.

This is a short lecture that acquaints participants with a considerable knowledge about Hydraulic Fracturing and its application in Unconventional Reservoirs. This will be an interactive format that includes field data (own and public), current approaches and use of technologies suited for Shale Developments. The current Hydraulic Fracturing Workflow devloped in house by Wintershall will be introduced. Topics will include:
• What is Hydraulic Fracturing and the evolution of this technology
• Basic Hydraulic Fracturein Design Principles
• How does a Frac Looks like: Supported by Mineback, Core-through & videos.
• Hydraulic Fracture Modelling: Discussion about different Models
• Proppants, Fracturing Fluids and Proppant Transport
• Diagnostic Injections (Including Numerical Modelling)
• Challenges and pitfalls of horizontal completions
• Vaca Muerta Shale Oil Development


Hernán Buijs works as a Reservoir Engineer for Wintershall Holding GmbH. His main interests lie on reservoir characterization, formation damage and reservoir stimulation, with a deep involvement in the area of hydraulic fracturing complex HP/HT reservoirs and all related technology.
Hernan is active within the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), currently serving in the Completions and Business, Management and Leadership Advisory Committees. He developed and taught numerous custom made courses on hydraulic fracturing and reservoir characterization as university professor, invited speaker or company in-house expert on matter. He received several local, regional and international awards.
He earned an Industrial Engineering degree and a Petroleum Engineering degree at the Institute of Technology of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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