About Us

We exist since 1990 as the „GSSPE“ – that is the German Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Our goal is primarily the spreading of technical knowledge and the support of our associated students. All our board members are volunteers.

SPE international is a global association of Petroleum Engineers and similar professionals of the upstream oil-and-gas industry. Founded in the US, it now has more than a 100,000 members all around the world.

The German section has some 1100 members – many Petroleum Engineers, but also other engineers and geoscientist. These mainly work in the upstream oil-and-gas industry, while there is a small but growing geothermal community as well.

Roughly one half of our members are students. The others graduated as engineers – most working for one of the many upstream oil-and-gas companies in Germany, some in research facilities or government agencies. We also have some quite active retirees joining us frequently.

Our members are based throughout Germany. Much of the industry and our members is located in the north. Hence most of our events are in Hannover.

The oil-and-gas-industry is international in nature. Many of our members in Germany are from abroad (and vice-versa). Therefore, most of our events are being held in English.

What do we do? Well, we aim to facilitate knowledge transfer – especially important in an industry as complex and interdisciplinary as ours. So we offer evening lectures coving a broad range of technical topics. We also offer workshops, field trips (e.g. to drill sites), and an annual “Student Technical Conference” with participants from Germany and half a dozen other countries. Also we offer “webinars” – that’s live presentations via the web with shared presentations, live talk and concurrent Q&A. . Every so often we also participate in job orientation fairs or organize a larger “Forum” with several speakers. Not to forget our annual Summer Barbecue – as you will see, our events are not just technically invigorating, they are usually also quite.

We are an open association – which means that you don’t need to be a member to participate. We welcome any visitors. As you’ll see, we typically have quite a mixed audience during our events – from the interested layman to the renowned expert.

We do collaborate with similar organizations – not just with SPE intl., our parent organization which e.g. sponsors 3 Distinguished Lecturer events annually , but also with our neighboring geographic SPE sections, with the DGMK (The German Scientific Society for Oil, Gas, and Coal), and since 2011 also with the BGR (that’s the Federal Institute for Geoscience and Resources ).

Additional to our technical knowledge transfer events, we are also supporting our youth.  There are four associated and quite active student chapters at the technical universities in Aachen, Berlin, Clausthal Zellerfeld and Freiberg. Our section sets out an annual award for the best student  of each chapter. We also visit schools, explaining to the kids what it means to get that black gold out of the ground and that there are great opportunities for them out there.

As an overview, we typically offer some 10 lectures and workshops annually, also 2-3 excursions, 4 webinars, a student technical conference, and our summer barbecue.  After a lecture there usually is quite a lively and informative Q&A session, often continued in the dinner session that’s typically following our events (except for the webinars, for obvious reasons).

There are many reasons from technical to social to visit one of our events. Give it a try. You’ll enjoy it.

Any questions, please give one of our board members a call – and yes, we mean that.