QSPE Dhow Cruise !

QSPE spent a nice day on Dhow Cruise . This was a nice opportunity to reunion and raise the team spirit.

Texas A&M University at Qatar recognizes Schlumberger as Essential Knowledge-Sharing Partner


Press Release

03 February 2014

University and Schlumberger set example of academia and industry collaboration

Texas A&M University at Qatar recognized Schlumberger as an essential knowledge-sharing partner and industry collaborator on 21 January at an event at the University's Engineering Building at Education City. The event also gratefully acknowledged Schlumberger's donation of a suite of software that enables the University's students to train and further improve their skills on reservoir modeling and history matching, as well as work on integrated solutions from exploration to production.

The recognition was part of a speaking engagement by Dr. Jeff Spath, the 2014 president of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and Schlumberger vice president for Industry Affairs.

The longtime collaboration between the University and Schlumberger has focused on research, educational support and an exchange of expertise, especially in the areas of reservoir simulation and oil and gas production.  







SPE Students Chapter - Qatar University

QUSPE Post Press Release ATCE 2013

On September 29th 2013, thirteen students from Qatar University (QU) Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Student Chapter represented Qatar in the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition 2013 (ATCE) which took place in New Orleans, USA. ATCE is one of SPE’s largest conference which attracts thousands and thousands of attendees from around the globe. Assisting the student group were Waled Mukahal (Associate Dean for Student Affairs- College of Engineering, Qatar University) and Dr. Fadwa ElJack (Professor from Dept. of Chemical Engineering and QU SPE Faculty Advisor). Waled Mukahal quoted “QU SPE Student chapter worked really hard in order to make ATCE possible and in the end it was rewarding for group of students due to the amount of great experience and stories they brought back from the conference. We would like to thank Maersk Oil Qatar and Qatar Society of Petroleum Engineers for their constant support”. QU SPE Student Chapter Officers including Mehak Jilani (President), Shahd Gharbia (Vice President- Females), Arsalan Amjad (Vice President- Males) and Minhal Hussain (Treasurer) were also in the list of QU participants for the conference.

During the first day of the conference, QU representatives took part in ‘Student Meet and Greet’ that took place in Ernest Memorial Convention Centre (New Orleans) that allowed students and SPE Student Chapters from various universities around the world to network with each other. According to Ali Al-Obaidli, a Chemical Engineering Sophomore Student from the group, he quoted that “Meeting other students just like us and getting to know them better in terms of their SPE experiences and activities was interesting. Learning about their student chapter was informative and we made a lot of connections which will help us improve our Student Chapter”. The group was invited for ‘Student General Session and Award Luncheon’ where Jose Formigli, Chief Exploration and Production Officer, Petrobras, shared his insights on the oil and gas industry. To finish off the luncheon several students from different region were awarded a number of types of scholarships from SPE in which Jamila Folady (Chemical Engineering students from Qatar University) was congratulated for receiving SPE STAR SCHOLARSHIP in the Middle-East region.        

QU SPE Board officers attended ‘Student Chapter Officer Workshop’ which was held in Marriot Hotel where they joined Section leaders in a discussion on how to improve leadership quality of the SPE section/Student Chapter and learned about how to motivate its members to volunteer for activities. The aim for the workshop was to fill in the gap between Student Chapter officers and Section officers allowing common leadership issues to be discussed and resolved. On the other hand several QU students attended Engineering Ethics workshop which took place in Hilton Riverside Hotel which outlined the importance of ethics in engineering life. According to Anas Tahir,  a senior Electrical Engineering student from Qatar University  “The workshop was indeed intuitive, professional and informative. Ethics are an important part of life of an Engineer, there are obligations they carry as part of their professional careers”.


During the second day of ATCE conference, QU group attended the SPE Student Petrobowl 2013 competition and watched universities from all around the world compete against each other in a quiz consisting of a wide variety of questions from the Oil and Gas industry. The day ended with students attending the Exhibition which included over 400 global companies presenting their latest technology and ideas and looking for future employee candidates. Fouzan Jilani, Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Student from QU quoted “It was amazing to see what companies had to showcase to the attendees ranging from latest mechanical calipers to new and improved reservoir simulation softwares. The exhibition gave us an exposure to the oil and gas industry and its ongoing development plans”

During the last two days of the conference students attended a workshop ‘How to write a technical paper’ given by Byron Haynes (Principal Reservoir Engineer with Shell Oil Company) which outlined how to write a good proposal and a great paper. Including tips and tricks on making a good presentation and what it takes to prepare a paper for the peer-review process.  QU Students are hoping to take the knowledge they have gained and to apply it in the upcoming SPE Middle-East Paper contest which will be held in Dubai in early 2014. To end off ATCE events, the students attended Annual Banquet and Reception in WWII Museum where they met 2013 SPE President, Mr. Egbert Imomoh who quoted “It is a pleasure to see Qatar University attend ATCE and hope that their first experience was informative and useful to take back with them to Qatar. Qatar University is one of the newest SPE Student Chapters and they have a great potential for being one of the best”. Mr. Egbert Imomoh visited Qatar University back in May 2013to give an insight to SPE and its activities to the new members of the student chapter.

Overall, ATCE 2013 has proved to be a great experience and exposure for the attending students in terms of meeting Oil and Gas Industry professionals and learning about experiences. Mehak Jilani, President of QU SPE Student Chapter, has said “We would like to thank Maersk Oil Qatar, Qatar Society of Petroleum Engineers (led by Sheikh Faisal al-Thani) and Qatar University Student Activities Department for sponsoring the trip and making the trip possible for us. We could not have done anything without our generous sponsors. The students have had a great time in New Orleans and are willing to share their experience with the rest of the members of Qatar University. I hope other students take more active part in the Student chapter activities and realize its career-developing potential”.

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Call for Papers: Offshore Technology Conference Asia

A Call for Papers for The inaugural Offshore Technology Conference Asia (OTC Asia) which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between March 25th-28th, 2014.
The deadline for paper proposals is June 5th, 2013.

IPTC 20-22 JAN 2014 Doha Qatar

IPTC 20-22 JAN 2014 Doha Qatar

Call for Papers – Deadline 12APR2013

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