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SPE Distinguished Lecturer Event

Hydraulic Fracture Complexity in Shale Gas and Tight Oil Plays: Insights from Geology, Modeling and Physical Experiments

Prof. Jon E. Olson, The University of Texas at Austin


When: 10:30am, Nov 5, 2014
Where: Schlumberger-Doll Research, One Hampshire Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts,

The shale gas revolution has demonstrated the potential of multi-frac horizontal wells.  A close companion with hydraulic fracture placement technology was fracture diagnostic technology, and this illustrated that hydraulic fractures were not as simple as we once thought.  The ideas around hydraulic fracture complexity had been brewing for a long time, but really exploded with widespread application of micro-seismic monitoring.  Yet, with all the incredible insight gained from micro-seismic mapping, there is still a significant gap in our level of observation.  This talk utilizes natural fracture examples as analogs for what hydraulic fracture complexity might look like, and then create possible realizations of complex fracture geometries using numerical fracture propagation modeling and scaled laboratory experiments.  

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SPE Award

The SPE-NYNE board is excited to announce that Alyssa Charsky has received the Regional SPE 2014 Distinguished Young Member Award.  Alyssa has recently enrolled at Colorado School of Mines to pursue a PhD in Geology through the Chevron Center of Research Excellence (CoRE) program.  Prior to this, Alyssa has worked as a Research Engineer and Experimentalist in the Petro Labs at Schlumberger - Doll Research in Cambridge, MA.  In this position she was responsible for the processing, analysis and interpretation of dual-range Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (DRFT-IR) mineralogy data in support of Schlumberger’s elemental spectroscopy Wireline tools.  Additionally, she was a co-developer of DRIFTS for rapid quantification of mineralogy and kerogen on cuttings or cores, a technology targeted at the unconventional market.  Alyssa also served as the Young Professionals Chair and Internet Chair of the NYNE Section of SPE.  We all thank Alyssa for her time and efforts on the SPE board, and wish her the best of luck and skiing in Colorado.



Visit to Oblong Industries

Monday July 28, 3-6pm on July 28.

We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to connect our members with innovative companies in our region and interesting venues for social events that will stimulate our creativity.  We are excited to announce that Oblong Industries, who has been developing “Next Generation Conference Room Technology”, has enabled us to meet both of those objectives at once.  Oblong has been working to provide a new technology platform which transforms computing from a single user, single interface experience to a unified environment for multiple users across multiple devices and screens.  Oblong graciously hosted us in their Boston location where we were given a live demonstration of their impressive conference and computing tools.


Some of you may remember our joint YCEI and SPE  symposium on unconventionals last year at Yale University (Here). The symposium was concluded by a panel session moderated by John Deutsch in which Richard Liroff, John  Nolon and Hannah Wiseman discussed the best practices in development of unconventional resources.

Here is an hour long YouTube
video of this panel session containing the discussions on government regulations on shale gas exploration and production, best management practices, investments, and risks.

We will share the videos of the presentations once we get the permission from the speakers.


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Meet our SPE-MIT student chapter chairperson

Lu Yang is a fourth-year PhD student in Chemical Engineering, with a minor in business administration at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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