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Monday September 8

Managed Pressure Drilling - What's Next?

By Muhammad Muqeem Distinguished Lecturer Saudi Aramco



Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) has been offered over a decade now. The common thinking is that MPD has the potential to be a widely used enabling technology in the future, but has been met with relatively limited acceptance by oil companies. One of the key factors to adopting technology is better communication of its benefits using more detailed case studies. The other major factor is that MPD is a complex, multidisciplinary activity that requires specific skills and resources to ensure project engineering/management and strict HSE management. Confusion about MPD's application may also have contributed to its slow acceptance rate. To overcome these challenges requires a paradigm shift in thinking.

Saudi Aramco's drilling program could benefit from MPD. A 2012 NPT analysis revealed that MPD can reduce lost time by 23.5%. Saudi Aramco has recognized MPD as one of the key initiatives that will enable it to optimize its drilling operations. The targeted areas in Saudi Aramco are tight gas formations, extended reach wells, high pressure and loss circulation prone workover wells as well as some exploratory wells. This presentation will highlight some of the case studies, as well as lessons learned on the MPD implementations. Sharing the true MPD benefit will enhance the adoption of this enabling technology in a wider scale including frontier applications, such as HPHT, deepwater, Methane hydrates and unconventionals.


Muhammad Muqeem is a Drilling Engineering Specialist with over 20 years of international expertise in the area of underbalanced/managed pressure drilling, wellbore hydraulics, and multiphase fluid flow in porous media. He has extensive experience in horizontal, multilateral wells including coil-tubing and sour drilling. Muhammad has authored and co-authored several SPE papers on multiphase flow, casing drilling, stuck pipe and underbalance drilling. Contributing author of Gulf Publishing Company's "Underbalanced Drilling: Limits and Extremes" book.  He received a Ph.D. in petroleum engineering from the University of Alberta. He was the project lead and instrumental in the first ever implementation of UBD in Saudi Arabia. Muhammad is currently employed by Saudi Aramco in the Drilling Technical Department and is a member of SPE and APEGA.

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