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DSATS is the Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). The purpose of DSATS is to accelerate the development and implementation of systems automation in the well drilling industry by supporting initiatives which communicate the technology, recommend best practices, standardize nomenclature and help define the value of drilling systems automation. Appropriate initiatives include workshops, forums, lectures, and technical and white papers, among others, and DSATS actively encourages participation of automation experts from outside the drilling industry.

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At the latest SPE ATCE conference in Amsterdam, a special session was held on Drilling Modeling and Simulation.  Several of the presentations made by the panelists are available for review below.

Session Details
The process of drilling a borehole is very complex, involving surface and downhole drilling systems, which interact with the drilling fluid and the surrounding rocks. Modeling and simulating every aspect of the drilling process and drilling system is still considered too complex to be realized. However, many areas of modeling and simulation are currently undergoing very aggressive development. Some of them include rig systems, downhole dynamics, rock-bit interaction, drilling/formation fluid, and the Earth model. High-fidelity models in these well-defined areas have demonstrated some success. Lately, drilling modelling and simulation has become one of the key factors for advancing Drilling Systems Automation/Control, intelligent managed pressure drilling and drilling optimization by understanding/predicting downhole dynamics. The topics presented in this session include the current state of drilling process simulation software and simulators, as well as simulator concepts from outside of the oil industry, such as in aerospace and automotive industry, challenges of modelling drilling systems for automation and control, adaptive simulations for downhole drilling systems and an operator’s perspective on drilling modeling. This special session brings the modeling and simulation experts in the drilling industry to identify its current state and future goals.

14ATCE__Tech_Sess - Special_Session_Colin_00_Final.pdf
14ATCE__Tech_Sess - Ost - End - Final.pdf
14ATCE_Tech_Sess - Special_Session_Junichi_09_Final.pdf

Session Moderators:
Junichi Sugiura, Schlumberger; Joachim Oppelt, Baker Hughes

G. P. Ostermeyer Braunschweig Technical University 
Geoffrey Charles Downton Schlumberger 
Robello Samuel Halliburton 
Colin James Mason BP Exploration 
John Hedengren Brigham Young University 
Paul E. Pastusek ExxonMobil Development Co. 

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The Student Competition

The DSATS Student Competition

The winners of the competition will receive a grant for economy class transportation and accommodations to attend the next SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition and will present an SPE paper that will be added to the SPE archives of One Petro.  Teams that finish second and third will have an opportunity to present their work at the DSATS automation symposium preceding the conference, and will receive a grant for economy class transportation and accommodations. 

For details of the competition please click here  

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